Adjustment overflow Rampe du lion favorable for the aquatic life of the Senne

With the help of the European LIFE Belini fund, VIVAQUA has adapted the first of the three large “Combined Sewer Overflows”, near the Rampe du Lion at Nouveau Maalbeek. This overflow is located in Brussels, at the crossroads between the outfall collector and the New Maelbeek collector, and provides an overflow between the sewerage network and the Senne during rainy periods.  

During heavy rainfall this combined sewer overflow infrastructure frequently allowed water from the sewage to flow into the Senne.  Elevating the wall from this overflow infrastructure in the sewers will result in a significant decrease of overflow events, overflow volumeand fewer oxygen crises for the aquatic life of the Senne (macro invertebrates, fish).

The sea starts here

As a symbolic action during our Fiere Rivers campaign, sewers in all regions would be tagged ” The sea starts here “. This is to make people aware of the consequences of waste in the water. Action was therefore taken in the various regions.