Over the past decades, people have adapted a large number of waterways to suit their needs of the time. Waterways have been straightened, levees have been built around them and they have been ushered into pipes. As a result, numerous waterways and valleys have lost their natural character.

Through a number of specific actions, we are trying to improve or reintroduce the natural conditions that were once prevalent within our project area, providing nature with an opportunity to regenerate.

Opening of waterways

In a number of places, water ways will be daylighted again (such as the Zuun in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw and the Woluwe in Zaventem). This new vision on open waterways creates extra opportunities for nature to flourish.

Fish migration

Dams, weirs, water mills or water traps hinder fish migration; fish are unable to swim past these obstacles. As such, as part of this project, fish ladders are also being introduced (in areas such as the Dyle in Leuven).