The various partners in the Belini project came together on Thursday 12 September to exchange their experiences and results from the previous months. Our auditors from NEEMO and EASME also attended the meeting in Tubize.

By tradition, the weather gods are well-disposed to us, which proved to be the case this time also. Although the morning sunshine was looking inviting, we spent the first part of the day at the Tubize town hall. During our time there, we reviewed how far our project had come and our collective points to work on, along with any problems and potential solutions.

For example, our discussion included how expropriation procedures are going in the various regions and the development of a new model to help us achieve a good ecological condition for a watercourse. All in all, a great deal of food for thought and discussion.

Later on, in the afternoon, we reviewed what Belini means in practice. Our partner SPW DGO 3 brought us along to their temporary natural flood plain on the Cœurq. This area was constructed earlier this year and brought into operation in the spring. The biodiversity and the ecosystems here will be monitored further over the next few years.

A few images below offer a sense of the atmosphere.