The IJse once again brightens the street scene near the little park in the Jan Baptist Dekeyserstraat in Overijse.

The sewerage works in the Jan Baptist Dekeyserstraat in Overijse presented us with the opportunity to open up the culverted IJse here.

To this end, the province of Flemish Brabant and the municipality of Overijse joined forces, in collaboration with Aquafin.

A stretch of water of some 60 metres is now exposed to daylight once again. “These works are in line with our previous efforts to increase the ecological quality of the IJse,” said Bart Nevens, deputy for waterways.

To open up the IJse, the province of Flemish Brabant, with support from the LIFE Belini project, invested 90,000 euros.

The works took place in the autumn of 2021. Meanwhile, a year later, they are well integrated into the landscape.

In Belini, these works fit within the broader narrative of the “Structural Restoration of the IJse valley.”