On 10 and 11 April, LIFE Belini organised a LIFE IP Platform event in Brussels. 40 delegates of LIFE projects from different European member states came together to share their ideas and experiences with one other.

The LIFE IP Platform took place last Tuesday and Wednesday at the Herman Teirlinck building in Brussels. Various projects, both already in progress and in their preparation phase, were represented, with a healthy mix of topics relating to water, nature and climate.

The goal of the event was to exchange ideas and experiences concerning the common challenges in project and communication management. The projects were given the opportunity to introduce themselves to one another and to share their experience with the projects in preparation. The projects also looked at finding joint initiatives for future collaboration. Other themes were also addressed, such as monitoring the project and stakeholder management.

The two-day event ended with a guided visit to the Doode Bemde in Leuven. This nature reserve is a fine example of what a natural water retention area can look like. In Belini, plans for realising several natural water retention areas in the river basin of the Dijle in Namur are still on the drawing board.

The successful conference is a good start to a closer collaboration between the different European LIFE IP projects.